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At New Perth Animal Hospital we perform oral examinations during every appointment. Your pet’s mouth should be examined by a veterinarian at least once yearly in order to detect and treat dental disease early and prevent more serious problems from occurring.

Laboratory Services

We are proud to provide in-house Abaxis laboratory testing. Having access to an in-house analyzer provides our clients with accurate test results available in just minutes.

Pain Management

Our job as the veterinary team is to be an advocate for pets who cannot speak for themselves. The signs of pain in pets can sometimes be subtle and hard to detect. Our hospital works as a team to identify pain and treat it accordingly.


At New Perth Animal Hospital we have a modern x-ray machine that allows us to have diagnostic radiographs of your pet ready in just minutes.

Routine Wellness

As a veterinary team we believe that prevention is worth its weight in gold. We strive to educate pet owners on preventative methods before a problem arises.


Our surgical services range from routine elective surgeries, such as ovariohysterectomy (commonly called spay) and castration or neuter, to more complex surgeries like foreign body removal, eye and ear surgery, lump or tumor removal and orthopedic surgery.

Payment and Insurance

For your convenience we accept payment via cash, debit, cheques, etransfer, Visa or Mastercard and American Express.

All payments are due at the time that services are rendered.

Payment plans are not available through New Perth Animal Hospital, but applications for credit approval may be made to PetCard. Pets Plus Us and Trupanion Pet Insurance also have provisions for direct payment if your pet is insured and the claim is eligible. Please speak to a team member about various options.

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