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Beckie Martell, Veterinary Assistant

Beckie was raised in Prince Edward Island. Growing up on a farm, she was surrounded with animals, small and large. She knew from a young age that she wanted a career in the veterinary field and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have her working with us at New Perth Animal Hospital .

Beckie graduated from the Maritime Business College in 2003 with a Veterinary Assistant diploma. She lives in New Perth with her husband Tyler, their three children, Isaac, Emily and Brentley and is still surrounded by animals; her dog Nash, 3 cats: Glitch, Peter and Simon, Guinea Pig Spartacus and a Gecko named Magnum.

Beckie is currently working towards becoming a registered veterinary technician in the future. We are doing what we can to support her in this goal because we know she is and will be a tremendous asset to the profession.

Brandy Beausoleil, Veterinary Assistant

Moving to the island from a town near Montreal has been a dream come true for Brandy, her husband Tim, and their two sons, Tristan and Damian.

Having really enjoyed Biology class in High School, and combined with a strong love of animals, Brandy decided to pursue a career in the veterinary medical field and graduated with honours as a veterinary assistant. Much to our delight (and she says hers too!) she joined our New Perth Animal Hospital team. Since joining us, her four-legged family continues to expand and now includes a sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Cleo and a very energetic Miniature Poodle aptly called Fury.

Brandy embraces our philosophy of lifelong learning and is enrolled in a veterinary technician course, which she hopes to complete while working with us. We wish her all the best with this course and plan to do everything we can to help her achieve her goals.

Kori Abrams, Registered Veterinary Technician

Kori tells us that she grew up in Northwestern Ontario surrounded by her pets, her neighbours’ pets and the local wildlife. From the time she was little, she knew she wanted to work with animals in some capacity.  She completed a degree in Natural Science at Lakehead University before moving to PEI with her family in 2014.

Kori graduated from the Dalhousie University Veterinary Technician program in 2020 and quickly passed the examination required to become a Registered Veterinary Technician.  Registered technicians are an invaluable addition to a veterinary team and we feel fortunate that Kori has joined our New Perth Animal Hospital family.  You may find Kori on the quiet side, but as you get to know her, you will learn to appreciate not only how knowledgeable she is but also that she has a wonderful sense of humour.  Kori currently lives with her cockatiel, Petrie, but hopes eventually to add more “critters” to the family.

Gemma Lundrigan

Gemma has been “close” to veterinary medicine since birth and we are thrilled to have her join the New Perth Animal Hospital team.  With a mother who is a practising veterinarian, she and her siblings started out with a designated play area in her mom’s vet clinic but soon were called upon to help with various tasks around the hospital. Gemma also remembers sick or special needs pets often coming home with her mother for extra care and treatments. 

After studying music at UPEI, Gemma moved off island and started work with an animal rescue as an animal care attendant and control officer.  During the pandemic, she started work in a busy New Brunswick animal hospital. After experiencing the pandemic enforced isolation from friends and family on PEI, she became homesick and made the decision to move back to the island with her partner Cody, their two dogs Toby and Annie, and two cats, Darcy and Jenny. Gemma and Cody are both from eastern PEI and are happy to call it home again. As far as Gemma’s pets are concerned, home is wherever Gemma is, so they are happy to be islanders too.